Me and my lovely partner @koisaeleee will do a…

Me and my lovely partner @koisaeleee will do a Guest spot at @7siegeltattoo in Kassel Germany. January 2nd and 4th 2020.

Projects will be full-day sessions.
To book your tattoo session please contact me via
Please no booking inquiries via DM.

First come first serve.

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Raven Los Angeles booking requests: www.dasle…


Los Angeles booking requests: or

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Holly, I love you, you are my soulmate and my …

Holly, I love you, you are my soulmate and my best friend.

Many of you already know that my beloved girl, passed away 2 weeks ago. I’m so thankful for the hundreds of messages I’ve received filled with kind words. I didn’t get the chance to reply to every message individually, but I want everyone to know that it meant so much to me how so many of you showed appreciation and love for my sweet girl.

There was some very challenging weeks, including her decrease in health before her passing and it was a very strenuous time for me, hence why I’ve stayed away from social media, emails and my text messages. I needed that time to go into my shell and heal. Holly’s passing created a huge hole that had been ripped into my world.

For Holly to leave this earth in her physical presence & form, it has really taught me that we are all just passengers on the train we call “life”. We join the ride and enjoy our company with the ones who travels together with us, but everyone has their own final destination and the train will keep on driving, with them or without.

I love you forever Holly, with my heart and my soul. Dein Papa, ich vermisse dich so hart.

#soulmate #loveofmylife #mysweetgirl #greatdanesofinstagram #greatdanesunleashed #greatdane #alwaystogether #unconditionallove (at Los Angeles, California)

valley of fire

valley of fire

going to be posting a lot of Vegas here soon, getting all my film back on monday 😍

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